7 Key Real Estate Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Sell More

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The real estate industry is fiercely competitive.  In order to stand out from the competition, you need to use the right strategies for marketing your properties.

Below are 7 key marketing strategies that will help your real estate listings sell fast.

1. Use real estate email flyers

When it comes to marketing your properties, real estate email flyers are still one of the most effective mediums to use. A little creativity and the right tool to design your flyer, they can really be a great lead generator for you. They are also highly effective since you can send them out with just a click.  Here are some tips to remember when creating your flyer:

  • Use high quality images – Professionally done photos are a must.  There is no room for shortcuts on this one.
  • Highlight key features of the home – List them in a clear and concise format for easy reading.
  • List your contact information – You should include your email address, phone number, social media contact info and website address.
  • Always add in a Call to Action – Some effective CTA’s to include are: “follow me on social media”, “Visit my website at “XYZ” or “Call or text me at…”.

2. Videos and virtual tours

With all the advance technology out there, showing a property to potential customers is being taken to new levels.  And if you want to be competitive, you also need to start using them if you are not.  Putting together videos and virtual tours of your properties will not only help you stand apart from the competition, but will really boost your reach. Real estate is a numbers game and the more people you can get in front of in less time, the better.  There are a number of video hosting sites now available (YouTube, Google, AOL, Y!, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc.).

3. Aerial Photography

Taking photos of the front and back of the home is great, but if you can incorporate some aerial photography, you will give your property the feeling of exclusivity.  You will be able to show off angles only this type of photography can offer. Photography drones are fairly affordable now so give it a try.

4.  Using professional staging services

When it comes to selling a home, you want it to appeal to as many prospective buyers as possible.  You can achieve this with the right home staging.  When staged properly, you raise the chances of the home selling at a higher final selling price.

5. Write strong listing descriptions

When it comes to leads, many of the ones you will be getting will be from the MLS.  For this reason, your listing descriptions need to shine.  Put yourself into the buyers shoes and think about any details they would want to know about the property.  Stick to the key features and include those high quality images.  Here are some details you want to include:

  • Any unique amenities – Gourmet kitchen, hardwood floors, oversized yards and garages.
  • Include upgrades – New carpets, new roof.  You get the picture.
  • Highlight best features – Think home office, landscaped garden or walk in closets.

    6. Limit the showings and have a deadline

    When you limit the showing of your properties to just one open house, potential buyers will come since they know this is their one and only opportunity to view the property.  You will have a packed open house which will make buyers nervous that someone else may be bidding on the property and this will help drive higher bids.

    If you hold an open house on Sunday, make the deadline for offers at noon on Tuesday.  This will help create a sense of urgency and get buyers preparing to compete with other offers.  This all works on the notion that people always want what other people want.

7.  Make your marketing trackable

If you are going to spend money on marketing, there is no point unless you are tracking how it is working for you.

Here is how to make sure your marketing is trackable:

1. Use specific URLs for each property and use Google analytics to them. For example, www.456AnywhereSt.com or www.yourwebsite.com/456anywherestreet.

2. Use tracking numbers with all your advertisements.  Get a toll free number with extensions or  you can rent some local numbers to track any incoming calls.

3. Now that you have tracking numbers, make sure any paper adverts like postcards and flyers have these specific numbers and websites.

Final thoughts

In order to be successful as a real estate agent, you need to have the right marketing strategies that will sell your properties fast and at the highest price possible.  Employing the ideas in this post will help get you on track to growing your brand and business while creating long lasting client relationships.

5 Tips To Help You Stand Out As A Real Estate Agent

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In real estate, there is tons of competition.  You must stand out from the crowd in order to succeed in this industry. How you market your brand and your properties is key to your growth and success.

Below are 5 ways to stand out from other real estate agents.

1. Video

Video is not only here to stay, it is one of the key marketing platforms that you need to be on.  With that being said, it is not necessarily the best for lead generation but for building your brand.  When it comes to doing business with anyone, people will go with those they trust and know.  By using video, you are able to put your brand out there for prospective clients to get to know you.  At least the virtual you.  One of the first things you should do if you have not already, is put a video at the top of every page on your website.  It is a great way to build both trust and rapport.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when putting together a video:

  • Watch your tone.
  • Pay attention to your body language.
  • Only 10% of communication is based on the content.

All this means that people care more about how you say something than what you are saying.

2. Create a Killer Marketing Plan

To really kill it as a real estate agent, you need to have a rock solid marketing plan.  This involves not only your listings but marketing your brand as well.  This should involve networking, social media, email marketing and more.  When it comes to marketing your properties, real estate flyers are still one of the most effective mediums to use.  Just be sure to use high quality images along with all the details about the property.  You want it to be both compelling and comprehensive and you will no doubt sell that property in no time.

3.Build up your personal brand

Your personal brand is key in growing your business.  Even more important, though, is the visual branding you use.  The brain processes visual content faster than text so this is a key part of your marketing.

A great way to brand yourself is with your logo. This will be how people associate your company name so it needs to be both professional and unique.  Here are some other benefits:

  • They help clients recognize your business easily and will help build trust.
  • They help create consistency between your message and your identity.
  • As people get to know you and your brand, your referral business will pick up.

4. Work on improving the client experience

Take a moment to look at the workflow between you and your client.  Are there areas you can improve on?  You will be surprised how the smallest changes can result in the biggest impact. Here are some ways to make sure you are giving your clients their best experience:

  • Show your enthusiasm – You want your clients to know how dedicated your to helping them buy or sell a home.
  • Be an expert – It is not enough to have a licence and sell a home.  You need to stay abreast of trends as well as training.  Knowledge is power.
  • Listen attentively to your clients – Understand their needs clearly.
  • Always be responsive- This not only goes for current clients but those that are potential leads.  Everyone expects a timely response.

5. Consider hiring a coach

Not everyone needs one, but hiring a real estate coach can be the catalyst some agents need to take their business to the next level.  Working with a coach will provide you with both mentorship and accountability.  They can help push you out of your comfort zone and help you see areas of growth that you might otherwise had missed.


Strategy and passion are essential if you want to really become a top real estate agent.  The above tips will help you stand out from the competition.  The key thing to remember is to always keep the momentum going and strive to be the best.  It is all about your mindset.

10 Must-Have Tools Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Using

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Being a realtor means you are always on the go and hopefully super busy.  For this reason, it is key that you have the right tools in your arsenal to help you manage everything.

Below are 10 tools every realtor should be using.

1. Scanbot:

Scanbot is an app for Android and Iphone that allows you to scan PDFs.  You can scan and send while you are about and about.  This eliminates the need to go into the office to process documents.  This is a great time saver.

2. Animoto

Video marketing is essential to marketing any home today.  Animoto is a super easy app to use that allows you to make listing videos, testimonial and marketing videos and much more.  You can add in music and they offer a  great variety of templates to work with. After you upload your video clips and images, it is as simple as dragging and dropping them and you have a professional looking video ready to go in minutes.  This one really is a game changer.  Don’t forget to share your videos on all your social media accounts.  You want to get as much exposure as possible.

3. Flyers

Real estate email flyers are still considered one of the best lead generating tools.  They are a fantastic way to market your listings and can really showcase a property beautifully.

 Keep in mind these tips when creating your flyer:

  • Use professional images  –  You cannot afford to skimp on photography if you are going to do this right.  Also make sure you list all the prominent features of the property and that it is written in a simple to read format.
  • Include your contact info – You should list all the ways to get in touch with you.  Phone number, email address as well as your social media handles and your website address.
  • Include a Call to Action –  Include verbiage asking them to call or text you for more info on the property, to follow you on social media or to visit your website.

4. Google Suite

Google Suite is a great cloud software option.  It includes all of Google’s tools like Gmail, Google docs, Google Calendar etc.  If you are not using a cloud software already, it is time to take the leap.  It just makes it so much easier to keep things organized and you can access your stuff from anywhere.  There is also greater security since they are always updating and their recovery options are really good.

5. Trello

Trello is a must have tool if you have a team that you work with.  It is basically a task management app that allows you to collaborate with your team and organize any projects into  boards. It allows you to easily see who is working on what and what stage they are in with the task.   Everything is updated in real time and you can add things like comments, create checklists, add labels, due dates and so much more. Using a tool like this is also helpful in keeping everyone on your team accountable for their tasks.

6. Autogrammer

If you are on social media, and you should be for sure, then you need Autogrammer. This is a must have tool for managing your posts to your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Gone are the days of scrambling to post something on the fly.  Schedule out your posts as far in advance as you like and Autogrammer takes care of the rest.  This will allow you to grow your social media presence, build brand awareness and generate new leads. As always with social media, your content needs to be of value to your audience.

7. Streak for Gmail

Streak for Gmail is a useful Google Chrome extension that helps you with managing both leads and transactions.  The best part is that you can access it straight from Gmail.  You do not need to switch between your CRM and Gmail.  This will save you both time and money.

With this great tool, you are able to see your pipeline of leads at the top of your inbox along with any deals you have going on. It also allows you to create email filters, perform mail merges, track email views and more.

8. LastPass

Who has a hard time remembering all their passwords?  I know I do.  LastPass allows you to securely save all your passwords in one place allowing you to automatically log in to any saved site without having to enter your information each time. The only thing you have to do is create one master account password for the lastpass site and your done.

9.  Slack

This is another great tool if you are managing a team.  It is a messaging app that is super helpful with streamlining communication.  You can use it on any mobile device or desktop computer.  You can create multiple channels for various topics as well as have one on one conversations.  It also integrates easily with other tools.

10. HelloSign

 HelloSign is a super helpful tool that allows you to get legally-binding esignatures for any documents.  It is very secure and works really well with other tools like Gmail. When the document is signed, each person will get a copy in their inbox.  You can also see the progress a pending document has made with their status notifications.

Five Tips For Creating An Effective Content Marketing Strategy


Every business wants to succeed at the social media game and for good reason.  Social media marketing is essential to any brand’s success these days.  You want to be able to connect with your audience and deliver the type of social media content that will help boost your brand and your revenue.

Below are five tips for creating an effective social media content marketing plan.

1. Know who your ideal customer is

Knowing who your ideal customer is beyond where they live and their age, is essential.  You need to give thought to how they progress through the purchasing cycle.  How are they researching their purchases, what is going to make them take the leap to making a purchase.  In order for your business to build trust with your customers, you need to try and answer any questions they may have.  This can be achieved by creating valuable content in the form of a business blog, infographics, webinars etc.  By dedicating the time to learn how you customer thinks about purchases, you will have a better idea as to what content they want to see.  This is the key to building up that trust all businesses want.

2. Figure out what social media network your audience prefers

Your target audience is most likely not on every social network.  For this reason it is important to figure out which social network your audience prefers.   This includes every platform from Facebook to LinkedIn.

3. Research Content Topics

Once you have figured out which social networks you are going to focus on, it is time to start planning what content you will be posting.  The content that you come up with should be specific and relevant to your audience and it definitely should not be all about your business.  Remember to follow the 80/20 rule.  80% of the content should educate,  inform and entertain your audience.  The other 20% should be for promoting your business.  I know for me, time is an issue and I often found myself running out of content ideas and posting inconsistently.  For this reason, I started using a company that can create social media content for you.  They basically create content specific to your target audience and it has really been a game changer for my business.  Not to mention the free time I now have to focus on other important matters.

Here are some ways to drum up content ideas:

  • Run a Twitter poll.
  • Come up with a questionnaire to get feedback.  To sweeten the pot, consider offering some sort of reward for participating.  Bonus tip: Google forms works really well for putting together professional looking questionnaires and you can also track results.
  • Talk to friends, family or co-workers and see if any conversations spark some ideas.
  • Check out your competitors.  Be sure to follow all their social media accounts and see what is garnering engagement and what is falling flat.
  • Check out Feedly.  This is a content aggregator and is a great tool for researching your industry online.  You can gather up lots of content to see what is of interest.

4.  Plan Your Content Calendar

Now comes the organizational part for your content.  A social media content calendar will help you greatly in keeping your content on track and consistent.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you put your calendar together:

  • Pick a format: This can be Google Sheets, Excel or any other template your find online..there are many.
  • Only put essential details:  a link to the content, scheduled date and time, the copy, images and any other miscellaneous notes, hashtags etc. You should create a column for each of these on your calendar.  This will give you a better overview and help you easily plan the following months.

5. Engage with your followers

Social media is not just about publishing great content, it is also about connection.  Engagement is essential to helping your brand succeed on social media and it also is key to getting more sales.  Here are some ways you can start engaging with your followers:

  • Ask questions:  Make sure they are relevant and open ended.

  • Answer any questions.  This shows you are paying attention.  On Twitter you can answer industry related questions even if they are not addressed to you.

  • Address any negative comments.  It is a good idea to get ahead of any issue and respond with empathy and a solution.

  • Promote other people’s content.  This will help build a sense of community.


    Social media users worldwide has reached the billions mark and you cannot afford to do whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd.  Putting together an effective content marketing strategy will boost engagement and trust with your customers as well as put your business on the path to continued growth.


5 Tips For Enhancing Your Shopify Store

Improving your Shopify store is all about staying ahead of the competition and the latest ecommerce trends.  Whether you have a large online store or are just starting out,  you want to ensure your Shopify store is working for you.

Below are 5 tips to guide you on how to optimize your Shopify store to boost engagement and sales.

1. Optimize Your Store for SEO

Applying the right SEO strategies to your Shopify store is essential to having a successful, ecommerce business.  There are tons of little SEO tidbits to apply in order to get your store in tip top shape.

Make sure your URL, meta descriptions and page titles are complete. This will help with getting your site picked up by Google. Here are 3 components to you want to get right:

  • Titles – The best title length is in the range of 50-60 characters. Keeping your titles below 55 characters will get 95% of your titles to properly display. Also try and place your more important keywords at the very front of the title tag.
  • Meta Description – This must be under 60 characters. Be sure it includes your keywords.
  • URL – Keep it short and sweet and include relevant keywords. Be careful when changing up URLs to pages. Anyone who has saved your site prior to a URL change will be met with a broken link. If you do make a URL change, just be sure to provide a re-direct link for visitors. Learn more about that here.

2. Use Cart Abandonment Emails

Abandonment cart emails are a genius tool.  I mean who hasn’t given a purchase a second thought after receiving a perfectly timed email?   All it really takes is a soft reminder to follow through with a purchase, or just a friendly inquiry as to why they did not purchase.  This may be all your potential customer requires to return to your store and complete the sale.  A great Shopify app  to use is Abandonment Guard.  They provide you with a user friendly way to follow up with targeted customers and offer them incentives to make that purchase.

3. Provide Easy Gifting Options

Providing a gifting option to your customers is a terrific way to  maximize sales. This can be easily achieved by customizing your Shopify theme to automatically include an option for gift wrapping at checkout.  This is a simple way to tack on a little bit more to the sale and at the same time, make the customers’ life easier.   .

Adding gift cards to your product lineup is another great idea.  It’s helpful when a customer can’t think of what to get and everyone loves a gift card where they get to choose themselves. You can be extra helpful by providing suggested gift card amounts or even allow people to set their own amount.

4. Use split testing to ensure you are using a proper pricing strategy 

Testing out different price points is key to finding out what is working for your customers.  This is something you can do for free with Shopify’s Qbot app.  Not having the right pricing can be the end of your store and even a slight price increase can make you break even or end up with a loss.

Now that you have determined a good baseline pricing, you can now do a split test with the pricing to see how both sales and conversions play out.  You will probably need to run these tests multiple times to ensure you are getting reliable results.

5. Join Forces With The Right Influencers

In order to get your store to rank for your main keywords, you will need some good PR mentions and also backlinks. This can be achieved by seeking out key influencers that are within your niche that not only have a large following but a relevant one.  These influencers are most often being followed on Instagram, Facebook, a blog or YouTube.  The best of them have followers that will purchase something recommended just because they are truly fascinated with that person’s life or the content they share.  Joining forces with the right influencer is the fastest way to see a big boost in both sales and traffic.