7 Key Real Estate Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Sell More

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The real estate industry is fiercely competitive.  In order to stand out from the competition, you need to use the right strategies for marketing your properties.

Below are 7 key marketing strategies that will help your real estate listings sell fast.

1. Use real estate email flyers

When it comes to marketing your properties, real estate email flyers are still one of the most effective mediums to use. A little creativity and the right tool to design your flyer, they can really be a great lead generator for you. They are also highly effective since you can send them out with just a click.  Here are some tips to remember when creating your flyer:

  • Use high quality images – Professionally done photos are a must.  There is no room for shortcuts on this one.
  • Highlight key features of the home – List them in a clear and concise format for easy reading.
  • List your contact information – You should include your email address, phone number, social media contact info and website address.
  • Always add in a Call to Action – Some effective CTA’s to include are: “follow me on social media”, “Visit my website at “XYZ” or “Call or text me at…”.

2. Videos and virtual tours

With all the advance technology out there, showing a property to potential customers is being taken to new levels.  And if you want to be competitive, you also need to start using them if you are not.  Putting together videos and virtual tours of your properties will not only help you stand apart from the competition, but will really boost your reach. Real estate is a numbers game and the more people you can get in front of in less time, the better.  There are a number of video hosting sites now available (YouTube, Google, AOL, Y!, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc.).

3. Aerial Photography

Taking photos of the front and back of the home is great, but if you can incorporate some aerial photography, you will give your property the feeling of exclusivity.  You will be able to show off angles only this type of photography can offer. Photography drones are fairly affordable now so give it a try.

4.  Using professional staging services

When it comes to selling a home, you want it to appeal to as many prospective buyers as possible.  You can achieve this with the right home staging.  When staged properly, you raise the chances of the home selling at a higher final selling price.

5. Write strong listing descriptions

When it comes to leads, many of the ones you will be getting will be from the MLS.  For this reason, your listing descriptions need to shine.  Put yourself into the buyers shoes and think about any details they would want to know about the property.  Stick to the key features and include those high quality images.  Here are some details you want to include:

  • Any unique amenities – Gourmet kitchen, hardwood floors, oversized yards and garages.
  • Include upgrades – New carpets, new roof.  You get the picture.
  • Highlight best features – Think home office, landscaped garden or walk in closets.

    6. Limit the showings and have a deadline

    When you limit the showing of your properties to just one open house, potential buyers will come since they know this is their one and only opportunity to view the property.  You will have a packed open house which will make buyers nervous that someone else may be bidding on the property and this will help drive higher bids.

    If you hold an open house on Sunday, make the deadline for offers at noon on Tuesday.  This will help create a sense of urgency and get buyers preparing to compete with other offers.  This all works on the notion that people always want what other people want.

7.  Make your marketing trackable

If you are going to spend money on marketing, there is no point unless you are tracking how it is working for you.

Here is how to make sure your marketing is trackable:

1. Use specific URLs for each property and use Google analytics to them. For example, www.456AnywhereSt.com or www.yourwebsite.com/456anywherestreet.

2. Use tracking numbers with all your advertisements.  Get a toll free number with extensions or  you can rent some local numbers to track any incoming calls.

3. Now that you have tracking numbers, make sure any paper adverts like postcards and flyers have these specific numbers and websites.

Final thoughts

In order to be successful as a real estate agent, you need to have the right marketing strategies that will sell your properties fast and at the highest price possible.  Employing the ideas in this post will help get you on track to growing your brand and business while creating long lasting client relationships.