5 Tips For Enhancing Your Shopify Store

Improving your Shopify store is all about staying ahead of the competition and the latest ecommerce trends.  Whether you have a large online store or are just starting out,  you want to ensure your Shopify store is working for you.

Below are 5 tips to guide you on how to optimize your Shopify store to boost engagement and sales.

1. Optimize Your Store for SEO

Applying the right SEO strategies to your Shopify store is essential to having a successful, ecommerce business.  There are tons of little SEO tidbits to apply in order to get your store in tip top shape.

Make sure your URL, meta descriptions and page titles are complete. This will help with getting your site picked up by Google. Here are 3 components to you want to get right:

  • Titles – The best title length is in the range of 50-60 characters. Keeping your titles below 55 characters will get 95% of your titles to properly display. Also try and place your more important keywords at the very front of the title tag.
  • Meta Description – This must be under 60 characters. Be sure it includes your keywords.
  • URL – Keep it short and sweet and include relevant keywords. Be careful when changing up URLs to pages. Anyone who has saved your site prior to a URL change will be met with a broken link. If you do make a URL change, just be sure to provide a re-direct link for visitors. Learn more about that here.

2. Use Cart Abandonment Emails

Abandonment cart emails are a genius tool.  I mean who hasn’t given a purchase a second thought after receiving a perfectly timed email?   All it really takes is a soft reminder to follow through with a purchase, or just a friendly inquiry as to why they did not purchase.  This may be all your potential customer requires to return to your store and complete the sale.  A great Shopify app  to use is Abandonment Guard.  They provide you with a user friendly way to follow up with targeted customers and offer them incentives to make that purchase.

3. Provide Easy Gifting Options

Providing a gifting option to your customers is a terrific way to  maximize sales. This can be easily achieved by customizing your Shopify theme to automatically include an option for gift wrapping at checkout.  This is a simple way to tack on a little bit more to the sale and at the same time, make the customers’ life easier.   .

Adding gift cards to your product lineup is another great idea.  It’s helpful when a customer can’t think of what to get and everyone loves a gift card where they get to choose themselves. You can be extra helpful by providing suggested gift card amounts or even allow people to set their own amount.

4. Use split testing to ensure you are using a proper pricing strategy 

Testing out different price points is key to finding out what is working for your customers.  This is something you can do for free with Shopify’s Qbot app.  Not having the right pricing can be the end of your store and even a slight price increase can make you break even or end up with a loss.

Now that you have determined a good baseline pricing, you can now do a split test with the pricing to see how both sales and conversions play out.  You will probably need to run these tests multiple times to ensure you are getting reliable results.

5. Join Forces With The Right Influencers

In order to get your store to rank for your main keywords, you will need some good PR mentions and also backlinks. This can be achieved by seeking out key influencers that are within your niche that not only have a large following but a relevant one.  These influencers are most often being followed on Instagram, Facebook, a blog or YouTube.  The best of them have followers that will purchase something recommended just because they are truly fascinated with that person’s life or the content they share.  Joining forces with the right influencer is the fastest way to see a big boost in both sales and traffic.