10 Must-Have Tools Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Using

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Being a realtor means you are always on the go and hopefully super busy.  For this reason, it is key that you have the right tools in your arsenal to help you manage everything.

Below are 10 tools every realtor should be using.

1. Scanbot:

Scanbot is an app for Android and Iphone that allows you to scan PDFs.  You can scan and send while you are about and about.  This eliminates the need to go into the office to process documents.  This is a great time saver.

2. Animoto

Video marketing is essential to marketing any home today.  Animoto is a super easy app to use that allows you to make listing videos, testimonial and marketing videos and much more.  You can add in music and they offer a  great variety of templates to work with. After you upload your video clips and images, it is as simple as dragging and dropping them and you have a professional looking video ready to go in minutes.  This one really is a game changer.  Don’t forget to share your videos on all your social media accounts.  You want to get as much exposure as possible.

3. Flyers

Real estate email flyers are still considered one of the best lead generating tools.  They are a fantastic way to market your listings and can really showcase a property beautifully.

 Keep in mind these tips when creating your flyer:

  • Use professional images  –  You cannot afford to skimp on photography if you are going to do this right.  Also make sure you list all the prominent features of the property and that it is written in a simple to read format.
  • Include your contact info – You should list all the ways to get in touch with you.  Phone number, email address as well as your social media handles and your website address.
  • Include a Call to Action –  Include verbiage asking them to call or text you for more info on the property, to follow you on social media or to visit your website.

4. Google Suite

Google Suite is a great cloud software option.  It includes all of Google’s tools like Gmail, Google docs, Google Calendar etc.  If you are not using a cloud software already, it is time to take the leap.  It just makes it so much easier to keep things organized and you can access your stuff from anywhere.  There is also greater security since they are always updating and their recovery options are really good.

5. Trello

Trello is a must have tool if you have a team that you work with.  It is basically a task management app that allows you to collaborate with your team and organize any projects into  boards. It allows you to easily see who is working on what and what stage they are in with the task.   Everything is updated in real time and you can add things like comments, create checklists, add labels, due dates and so much more. Using a tool like this is also helpful in keeping everyone on your team accountable for their tasks.

6. Autogrammer

If you are on social media, and you should be for sure, then you need Autogrammer. This is a must have tool for managing your posts to your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Gone are the days of scrambling to post something on the fly.  Schedule out your posts as far in advance as you like and Autogrammer takes care of the rest.  This will allow you to grow your social media presence, build brand awareness and generate new leads. As always with social media, your content needs to be of value to your audience.

7. Streak for Gmail

Streak for Gmail is a useful Google Chrome extension that helps you with managing both leads and transactions.  The best part is that you can access it straight from Gmail.  You do not need to switch between your CRM and Gmail.  This will save you both time and money.

With this great tool, you are able to see your pipeline of leads at the top of your inbox along with any deals you have going on. It also allows you to create email filters, perform mail merges, track email views and more.

8. LastPass

Who has a hard time remembering all their passwords?  I know I do.  LastPass allows you to securely save all your passwords in one place allowing you to automatically log in to any saved site without having to enter your information each time. The only thing you have to do is create one master account password for the lastpass site and your done.

9.  Slack

This is another great tool if you are managing a team.  It is a messaging app that is super helpful with streamlining communication.  You can use it on any mobile device or desktop computer.  You can create multiple channels for various topics as well as have one on one conversations.  It also integrates easily with other tools.

10. HelloSign

 HelloSign is a super helpful tool that allows you to get legally-binding esignatures for any documents.  It is very secure and works really well with other tools like Gmail. When the document is signed, each person will get a copy in their inbox.  You can also see the progress a pending document has made with their status notifications.